Tzulo FAQs

How long is the term contract for a server?

All servers be default are on a month to month lease. Ever month the server is rewnewed automatically and an invoice is generated and sent to you 3 days before the due date.

Do you sell servers with a quarterly, or greater term length?

Yes, tzulo does sell servers that can be purchased with 3 months, 6 months, or 12months of service. Usually a discount is given for longer contracts length.

When can I cancel a server during my term?

A client may cancel a server at anytime. They can choose to leave the server in place until the end of the current billing cycle, or cancel immediately. There are no pro-rated refunds given.

How do I cancel a server?

All services need to be cancelled atleast 5 days before their next billing due date. If not, the server is automatically renewed and the next month’s bill is due for that service. Example, if a client cancels a server the day before their due date, they would still be resposible for the next month’s service. They would also get the remaining time left on their service with the server online.

If I don’t pay my bill on a due date, will I still have service?

A client’s service will be disconnected after their due date has passed. tzulo will store the server for a minimum of 5 days after their due date offline, (disconnected). After 5 days, the server will be returned to available stock for new customer orders.

If I cancel my server or it is disconnected, what about my data?

Once a server is cancelled, or disconnected for more then 5 days, the server’s harddrives are wiped and prepped for new customers. No data is saved and no data can be retrieved.

How much bandwidth can I expect to push on a 100mbs uplink?

All of tzulo’s 100mbs and below services are dedicated uplinks. The client can expect to push up to 100mbs of bandwidth without incurring additional cost.

How much bandwidth can I expect to push on a 1000mbs (1 gigabit) uplink?

1gb unmetered plans are sold with the expectation that the traffic pattern is dynamic, and not meant for sustained 1gigabit usage. As such, we determine that based upon 95th percentile billing, any service pushing more then 300mbs @ 95th, may be asked to upgrade to a 1gigabit dedicated bandwidth plan. The costs involved are determined based upon client’s service plan. Typical 100TB of data would equal approximately 300mbs of constant usage without incurring additional costs.

Will I be charged if I go go over the 1gb usage plan in the above question?

No. tzulo will not charge you without first informing the client about their bandwidth usage. Client has the right to downgrade their service, upgrade their service bandwidth, or throttle their usage themselves to stay within the limits above and not incurr additional fees going forward from the initial contact from tzulo when bandwidth goes over the limit.

How fast do you replace hardware?

Typical hardware replacement time is 2hours, however special hardware items not typically in stock may need to be ordered.

How long until my server is ready?

tzulo strives to setup most servers with 24 hours. At times, when hardware is not in stock, it may take 48-72hrs for setup. Custom orders that are outside our normal offerings may take longer.

If I don’t pay my bill on a due date, will I still have service?

tzulo may at it's discretion leave a server online after a due date has passed but typically the server is disconnected until payment is made. Clients have up to 5 days to pay after the due date before the server is reused for another customer.

Do you support any Panels?

Tzulo supports Cpanel/WHM exclusively. As such it is the only panel offered on our Centos platform. Depending on the client’s service, Cpanel may or may not be free. Please contact sales for more information. Softaculous is offered as a FREE Addon to any cpanel server for clients that wish to use it.

Does my colocation server need any special hardware?

Tzulo prefers all servers sent in have IPMI or dedicated KVM, connectivity, that will allow the client to remotely control console access to the server.

Can tzulo provide me a KVM if I do not have one?

Tzulo has external KVM devices that can be rented on a daily basis.

Do you charge for remote hands on my server?

Colocation servers can have up to 15min of hardware help per ticket. Beyond this, their may be other charges involved depending on the work. Please contact our sales department first.

What if my colocation server arrives at tzulo, and it is not working, or damaged?

If the server delivered is physically damanaged, tzulo will take pictures and send to the client. Before plugging in, tzulo will inspect damage to determine if the damage will prevent the server from working. Client will need to determine if the server should be installed or sent back.

Do you offer a money back gurantee?

Tzulo does not offer a money back gurantee, however we will analyze each case individually.

Can I buy additional MS software from you? MS SQL Server? Windows Datacenter Edition?

Yes, tzulo offers custom plans that allow the client to purchase additional MS products. Please contact our sales department for more information the the product in question.

Can I get a refund if I am unhappy with your service?

Tzulo will do what it feels is the best approach on an individual basis to determine of a refund is warrented. Normally if a client asks for a refund within 24hrs of receiving their server, we can accomodate their request. Requesting a refund days before the end of a billing cycle will not be honored. We do not honor refunds for custom built servers.

If my server goes offline, who do I contact?

All our our main support is handled through our helpdesk at

If my server is offline due to tzulo’s network being unreachable, is there compensation? What is your SLA?

Tzulo does not have an SLA. While we maintain SLA’s with our providers for network connectivity, power, and cooling, we do not maintain one with our clients. Truth is, we are still growing, and while there may be some unseen issues, wealways know it is in our best interests to have our clients up and running at 100%.As such we try to take the necessary precautions, and implement what redundancy we can to be try and make that happen.

If my server is offline due to hardware that you provide me having issues, how will you compensate me?

We will bring the server back online as fast as possible, however all data, data backups, restoration is the responsibility of the client. We are not responsible for ANY data loss, or monetary damages occuring due to the server being offline. We always encourage our users to take proper backups.

If my server crashes, and I loose my data, what can you do?

Unfortunately tzulo does not maintain any backups of customer servers. ALL Clients are responsible for their own data, data backups, restoration, and migration policies and procedures. Please take backups properly.

Will you manage my server for me?

At this time, tzulo only provides unmanaged services. We do not install patches, security fixes, or help beyond reboots, reinstalls, and connectivity restoration including, firewall disabling, restoring ssh and or rdc so that the client can access the server from outside our datacenter.

What is the KVM for?

All servers are provided with direct KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) access. This enables customers to reboot, and reinstall and fix their servers themselves at any time. KVM access is a web based front end that will allow the client to manage their individual server’s power as well allow the client to have console input just as if the client were standing there themself. Console mode allows the client to correct boot issues, reinstall the operating system, and correct firewall issues and more.

Can I visit tzulo?

Yes, please contact our sales department if your company would like a tour of our facility.

If I send in my server for colocation, what do I need to send?

After the registration for colocation with our company, a tzulo representative will contact with information regarding the colocation choice. tzulo only needs the server, and proper rails. No power cord or network cables, are necessary.

When I send in my server, what do I need to configure on it?

You may configure your server completely, or allow us to install the OS for you and rack the server. There is no fee for us to unpack and rack your server or for the network cables and power cables. tzulo can provide network information priort to the client prior them shipping the server in for faster install times.

If I cancel my colocation, what box do you use? can I pickup my server?

Local arrangements can be made to pickup the server or servers. If the server is shipped to us and cancelled later, the client may ship us a proper box to ship the server back in, or tzulo will charge a shipping and handling fee to send the server back to the client. All payments must be paid in advance of the shipment.

What if my colocation server is lost in shipping it back to me?

Tzulo will ship all servers back via UPS or other preferred method. All cost associated with shipping and handling are to be pre-paid by client. A default amount of $100 is shipment value unless otherwise stated by client and paid for byclient. If a server is lost, a claim by the client will be needed.

What if my colocation server I receive is damaged?

tzulo will pack all servers with ocordance of UPS rules and regulations. All servers are to be shipped back to client insured. Client will pay for all shipping charges. Any damage received will need to be claimed from UPS.

Contact our sales department if you have further questions and read our TOS/AUP/Privacy/Colocation policies for more information.


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