New 1U Supermicro Intel x3470 2.93ghz Servers

  • 18th September 2015
New 1U Supermicro Intel x3470 2.93ghz ServersTzulo is happy to add a new low spec box to our website for customers looking to get started with less power then traditionally seen from us. The new Servers are 1U Supermicro Intel Xeon x3470 Quadcore 2.93ghz with 4 physical cores and 8 cores with HyperThreading. All servers will come standard with ...
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Coinbase -Bitcoin Payments..

  • 13th June 2015
Coinbase -Bitcoin Payments..Tzulo is happy to annouce we now take Bitcoin payments along side our normal PayPal, CreditCard and Bank Wire payment methods. The transactions are direct to Coinbase on the back end that handles most of the BTC transactions for large companies. This new method of payment will enable our customers to pay with a wide ...
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Explosive Growth in Chicago..

  • 21st April 2015
Explosive Growth in Chicago..Our initial Cage size is no longer adaquate to contain our solid sales growth. Tzulo has expanded to double it's current capacity to accomodate future growth. While we had invisioned this to take much longer we were sold out in a matter of months due to our low pricing sales offers. Tzulo has ordered new racks, and new ...
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Chicago Datacenter at Coresite, Expansion..

  • 30th December 2014
Chicago Datacenter at Coresite, Expansion..Tzulo has had another record year since moving into our Coresite facility in Chicago, IL USA. We are in the process of expanding our cage to double our capacity over the next year. This expansion will allow us to keep our existing pricing for all racks, and allow current and future customers more options ...
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