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Tzulo only utilizes what we believe is the very best mix of providers.

Hibernia and GTT have been great partners in delivering to us, expectional service, quality bandwidth, and great pricing. Due to our strong relationship with these providers, tzulo is able to extend our pricing to resell our provider links to you directly under our name. This means that you may order a Hibernia or Tinet/GTT port from us, in any of their locations and pay a reduced cost per mb and port. You would be under our tzulo brand for their ports. With access to each provider in almost every major pop in North America and Europe, this gives an unprecidently level of savings for companies to expand with quality bandwidth at reduced prices. Please contact us for pricing for 1gb, 10gb, 40gb, and 100gb service levels with either provider. Pricing is based upon your commit level, location, and amount of ports for your organization. Term length can vary.

Tzulo is also able to:

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    Flexible Term

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    1gb, 10gb, 40gb, 100gb
    Service Ports

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    Low Cost
    Set Up Fees

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    Provider Based

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